Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Suppose It's Actually Still Wednesday...

So here's my entry for WIWW!

I actually remembered to take more pictures, and since I had two days off during the week, I didn't have to wear Carribean Blue scrubs!  And, or course, I'll offer up petite friendly advice on each outfit.

My Sunday Church outfit
Sweater:  Old Navy (it's a few years old)--great thing about knits, since they stretch, you don't have to worry about the "boobie pockets" (the little spaces where your boobies go) being too low
Skirt:  Old Navy last year--I took about 2 inches out of the waist (from losing weight) and hemmed it about 3 inches.  Easiet hem in the world on a denim pencil skirt
Boots:  Ross $22 this year!
Cowl Scarf:  Evan Becky original, made from the same material as my peasant dress.

Monday:  Went to lunch with my parents, excuse the far-off nature of this pic, Hubs was not around to take the picture
Lightweight sweater:  Old Navy last year (another knit)
Jeans:  Old Navy The Flirt cut from last year--in short, of course
Shoes:  Crocs, less than $10 at the outlet!  Score!
Scarf:  Handmade by Evan Becky, I used a tutorial that I found at The Crafty CPA , The shirt was originally an American Eagle t shirt that Mama bought for me probably 10 years ago.

Tuesday:  Date night with Hubs
This picture reminds me to always wear some kind of lip color!  No worries though, I did put some on in the car.
Shirt:  Old Navy (Are you sensing a pattern here?) This shirt is not petite, but is surprisingly petite friendly.  It's a little slouchy fitting, and even though it's a bit long, it makes for a great tunic style shirt and even works with regular jeans.  You can roll the sleeves and button them too if need be.
Jeggings:  Wal-Mart $10 and they are petite!  Though after washing they did shrink a bit, so I just tuck them into my boots.
Boots:  Ross, the same ones from Sunday.

I am really having a lot of fun with WIWW.  It's encouraging me to be more creative.  I don't just reach for what's easiest in my closet (thermal t's and jeans).  It probably won't be as interesting next week since I'm working my regular schedule, but I still have Saturday and Sunday!

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  1. Love the ensembles. You look adorable! You're inspiring me to get out of those thermal t's too.


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