Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIWW 10-12-11

Ok, as stated before, there's not going to be a lot to this WIWW post, but I like what I got to wear.
Saturday:  Sewing and (another) Date Night (we really don't usually go out this much)
Gosh I look like my Mama in this picture.
Lightweight Sweater:  Old Navy last year on clearance--The things I have come to love in fashion are super easy pieces with cute little details, like the bird on this sweater.  I wore this all day and was just as comfortable as if I had worn a long sleeve t-shirt
Jeans:  American Eagle Artist Cut (from probably 5 years ago)
Shoes:  Crocs Malindi

Sunday:  Church, wearing my High School colors (Palmetto)
I had planned another outfit, but I forgot to shave my legs the night before.  I'll save it for next Sunday.
Sweater:  Liz Claiborne from JC Penney's, two years ago (I actually bought it to wear to a Carolina football game)
Pants:  Old Navy, I think these are about 7 years old.  They are a petite size.
Shoes:  Rack Room Shoes, last year

I have noticed something with my clothes since taking inventory of what I've been wearing.  I shop a lot at Old Navy, and most of my clothes are at least a year old.  Nothing wrong with that though, I don't think.  I make it work for me.  Besides, grey pants and jeans don't usually go out of style.

I thought I had found a great little tunic like shirt at the Goodwill today, but alas, it had a tiny hole in it.  I'm not spending money on holey clothes.   I did break down, though, and bought a long sleeve t-shirt because it had Palmetto Softball on it.  A lot of my Middle School girls play softball and I think they would appreciate it.  I love using them as an excuse to buy age inappropriate clothes.  And I got my sweaters to make my sweater punkins with!  Red, cream and gold!

Yes.  I said punkins.

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  1. I LOVE that second outfit. I'm so glad it's sweater weather, again!


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