Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIWW 10-26-11

I'm just diving in.  I don't have any real commentary for today :P

Sunday at Church
Dress:  Made by Evan Becky!  It finally made it's real life debut.  I got some good responses.
Belt:  Ross, about $6 I think
Boots: Ross $22, these are the same ones from older WIWW posts
I also bought some sweater tights at Target for $12 so I can wear this without being too cold in the winter.
Petite Friendly Advice here:  It's custom tailored to me.  Great thing about making your own clothes.  Seriously though, even though this turned out a little shorter than planned, shorter skirts/dresses make your legs look longer and keep your hips from looking as wide.  If I didn't have my hands on my hips, you would never guess that they really are as wide as my skirt is.  Waist cinching belts work wonders too.

Monday:  Running Errands and pedicure :)
I now know to focus the camera myself when taking pictures in the mirror as opposed to using auto focus.  The details on the door and handle are great.  The details on me in the mirror, not so much.
Shirt:  (Don't kill me because I shouldn't have been shopping here) came from the Junior's department at JC Penney.  It was practically free because they sent me a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon.  It's a thermal like tee, but it has a cute little lace detail around the neckline (which you cannot see).
Jeans:  Old Navy The Flirt Bootcut, last year
Shoes:  Old Navy, this year $15
Petite Friendly Advice:  The shirt's a knit, you know how I feel about knits.  Jeans are Short.  That's all I've really got here.
Here's a beter view of the shoes.

And that's all for this week.  But we're going to Pigeon Forge this weekend, so I'll have a few cute outfit posts from that little adventure!  Have a great week everyone!

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