Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to my Blog + Friday Freebie!

Hi friends and welcome.  This is my first attempt at blogging in a very long while, so bear with me!  I've started this blog in order to get some of my craftiness out.  No, not the sort of craftiness that has me pulling tricks on friends, the kind of craftiness that makes me churn out little bits of this and that that I have made with my hands.  I have been a crocheter for going on 12 years now and have been scrapbooking when I get the chance for about 5 years.  I just recently got a Cricut with the Sure Cuts a Lot software and have been unstoppable!  I'm hoping to venture out into sewing after my birthday in May (I have asked for a Brother sewing machine).  We'll see where else all my craftiness takes me.  In the meantime...

Friday Freebie!

I have made a mini crochet pattern for all of you out there who would be interested. 
*WARNING*  I taught myself to crochet and thus my technique is not perfect.  I crochet tight.  For example, if a pattern says to use a size H crochet hook, I use a J to get my gauge right.  Luckily for this pattern, gauge isn't really important.  I aslo use American terms.

Tiny Crochet Flowers

The flowers in this picture were made using embroidery thread using a size D crochet  hook.  I like embroidery thread because you only have to buy a tiny bit of a bright color.  On the other hand, since it is made to unravel, I don't recommend it for beginners.  These flowers can also be made larger or smaller depending on the yarn/thread and hook size that you use.

Stitches used:
Magic Ring--If you need to know how to do a Magic Ring, go here -->PlanetJune's Magic Ring Tutorial This is where I learned how to do one
SC=Single Crochet
SS=Slip Stitch
DC=Double Crochet

Round 1:  SC12 in Magic Ring, SS in first SC to join ring
Round 2:  *3 DC in next SC (do not CH 2 like normal), SS in next SC* 6 times.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

There.  Wasn't that easy?  These little flowers work up quick (about 15 min) and are great extras for scrapbook pages and other embellishing. 

Or if you still don't have time to make them, I sell them in my Etsy shop, $2.00 for six.  I do custom color orders too.  My Etsy Shop

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