Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keep Chugging!

So I have no internet access at home, and haven't for a week.  It should be fixed tomorrow.  And I'm still adjusting to my new schedule, although I can tell you that I like it much better than my previous arrangements.  So since I'm on my lunch break and still need to drop the old paycheck in the bank, I'm just giving you a quickie of what I've been up to.

~My favorite--an Immigration Day project for Emma.  She will be Adelaide Bryant who immigrated to the US from Liverpool, England in the 1900s.  It is so cute!  I'll post pictures when I have some.
~A wallet order
~A bag order
~I made my Dollywood bag and it is now doubling as a lunch box since I lined it with ripstop nylon.
~Mama told me she wants a bag like my pleated one too.  So that's to be done.

That's all for now.  Off to the bank!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bear with Me!

Hi everyone!  I didn't fall off a mountain this weekend.  I promise.  Though I did decide to take the lazy way out on our vacation and I didn't take a lot of pictures.  I didn't even take the first ball of yarn.  It was amazing.


The reason I'm asking you to bear with me is because I started my new job yesterday!  8:30AM to 6PM with a 2 hr lunch, Monday through Thursday.  It's nice.  Plus I'm working for a boss who I loved so much that I kissed when I left yesterday.  My boss is my Daddy.  But I won't have as much down time to blog and mindlessly surf the internet for craft ideas like I did at my other job.  I'm OK with this.  Very OK. 

So just hang with me until I can get in a steady schedule and I promise I'll be back with goodies!  Goodies for all!
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