Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Wild Weeks...

I started writing a blog post several weeks ago.  Then I added on a few weeks later.  Then when I looked at it again I figured that everything was so out of date that I'd just better start over.

Amanda, here is your post ;) I didn't fall off the Earth.

I'm hoping now I can finally settle into a rhythm.  But you may be thinking, "Evan, you've been in your new job for two months now, and you still aren't in a rhythm?"  My answer:  Christmas Season.  Hubs and I have had to make so many changes and adjustments over the last two months.  Not bad changes, mind you, and I've spent much fewer hours crying and whining and moping. Which made me realize, I think I was looking for love and acceptance among the blog world because that was the only place I was getting any "human" interaction besides that of Hubs.  Working at the front desk of Daddy's local dental office where most people know me definitely has it's rewards there. 

So, nothing personal to any of my blog readers and any of you who I loyally followed, I have found that I no longer need my blog to try to find some purpose in my life besides my job.  Because that was formerly the only purpose I seemed to have. 

In keeping with tradition of my blog, here's what I've been up to.  With no pictures.  Sorry.  You'll get over it ;)

~Immigration day costume for my niece Emma including a crocheted hat.  She was Adelaide Bryant who immigrated from England in the 1900s.
~Elf costume for Emma which included a tulle puff slip, circle skirt and hat trimmed in faux fur and suspenders.  By the way, it looked like about 20 white cats had been sleeping in the sewing room floor after cutting that faux fur.
~Pillowcase dress for little cousin Emma (different one) with purple corduroy and lime green ruffle ribbon trim.
~Fleece jingle bell ball for little cousin Brentley following Jenilyn's tutorial here -->Baby Football Tutorial  Except mine made more of a round ball.  Not sure how that happened, but it was still cute and Brentley liked it before it was ever opened.
~Khaki purse with grommets and leopard print ribbon.  We gave it to Hubs's hair lady for Christmas.  I really regret not getting a picture of this at all, but it needs some design adjustments.
~A few wallet and bag orders for Christmas.  Things got sticky for a while since most of my orders came in the same week that Hub's uncle and aunt were in town from Arkansas.  But it got done!

Now I've got a few things that I want to make happen here in the next few weeks.

~I have a few friends having little ones soon.  Gonna make some diaper bags and accessories for those.
~Bought some fabric intended for diaper bags but dreamed up some cute bag combos in the process.  Got it prewashed today too.  Love All About Fabrics! 
~Gotta go to Hancock tomorrow and gets some fusible fleece, table cloth vinyl and some lining fabric.  And something else that will be a surprise to debut soon!

Oh!  And the newest thing that makes me quite happy!  For Christmas I got some "custom" insoles for my shoes since I have warped up feet that used to hurt all the time.  I put these insoles in some Alegria shoes, and this really is my new happy!  My feet haven't hurt in a whole week!  You have no idea how nice this is!

So...what's been new for you?
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