Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holy Wow...

It's been over a week since I blogged.  I had actually forgotten that I had the blog for a little while.  The past few weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, and I haven't really known what to say.  Joy has turned to frustration, which has turned back to joy, then into anxiousness, then to a little fear, then to some relief, and back to frustration and somewhere in between, big bouts of "I'm too tired to have any emotions right now." 

The main part of the rollercoaster for the past month or two has been my job.  As most of my loyal readers know, I work second shift at a hospital in the lab.  I love what I physically do.  I hate, with a passion, my hours.  I also hate the fact that I am always having to cover for some lazy bum who doesn't want to do her job (I worked 15 hours Sunday before last).  Covering for someone who is really sick or has had surgery or has had a baby...fine!  I'm happy to help those people out.  Covering for someone who is just playing the!  But anyway, I've been looking for a way out, and my mom offered it to me.  She has fibromyalgia, and has trouble getting going somedays.  She is also my dad's office manager, so she needs to be at work.  So, to remedy my problems and hers, she offered me her job.  And I took it.  October 27 will be my last day at the hospital.  I'll finally have a first shift job where I can go home and cook supper for my husband.  We don't hardly ever eat a meal together because of our schedules.  We also don't get to spend too much quality time together.  I also feel like the prospects of starting a family are better now.  Especially since Mama said that if she stayed home, she could babysit.  She'll be a stay at home Grandma when the time comes.  The stress of "negotiations" with Daddy (he was afraid that he would insult me with what he could pay me, after all I have two bachelor's degrees, but that didn't really matter to me), trying to find a nice way to tell my supervisers, missing my friends here at work and the general ups and downs of all that had gotten to me.  But as of yesterday, it's official, and I'm on my way to some normalcy.  And I am very happy about that.     

As stated above, since I worked the 15 hours Sunday before last, I was practically useless on my 3 days off.  Monday I went shopping and got a pedicure, which made me happy, but I didn't do any sewing in all those 3 days, which has set me significantly behind.  I did clean out my closet, but now my bedroom is a mess. 

The reason I went shopping Monday is because I found a new love the weekend before.  Fashion Blogs.  So now I am officially on a quest to blog about my fashion and help petite women, like myself, find clothes that fit.  And if I can't find clothes that fit, I'm gonna learn to alter my clothes so that they do fit.  I am not paying $30 for a shirt and then another $20 to make it fit.  I won't pay $30 for the shirt to begin with.  I have high fashion tastes and a low budget, so I'm going to start documenting this quest.  When I have the time.  Which may be never. 

I feel like I have so much more to say, but I don't know where to start.  Maybe I'll just post some pics of some stuff I scored at Old Navy today.  I've got to get over this shopping bug, or else make more money on Etsy...
  It's Flannel!

This will have a yellow cami underneath with a sparkly silver skinny belt.

And I kind of want to do a knock off of this one, though at $15, it's more for the challenge than for the price.

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  1. That is wonderful news! I know what you mean about not spending time with your hubby. Philip works third shift at BMW, so most days I see him for about five minutes in the morning. Having two degrees is good, but getting to be with family is better. Let me know when you get all settled in and maybe we can have a college friends girls night at my house.


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