Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FMI--To Do

Like FYI, but For My Info. I've started to crank the shop back up and have put out a new product.  The Embroidered Key Ring.

And luckily, there have been several people interested in them.  I've also drafted a new pattern for the Bowling Bag.  Plus a lot of other stuff.  So here goes another to-do list with deadlines.

~More key rings.  Got to get some more fabric for some.  I know of three that need to be done.  The other numbers I'm not sure of.  But those are to be done before Christmas.  After all, they make great gifts.
~An order for 2 dozen Christmas gift card holders--Thanksgiving
~The Bowling Bag prototype--ASAP
~Baby cords--Nov 21
~The 4 remaining wallet combos--ASAP
~A few Christmas presents that I can't mention because the recipients may read this blog :)--Obviously, Christmas
~Rice warmers--Nov 21
~Initialed Stuffie Monster for Josiah--Christmas

And at 10:45 PM, that's all I can really think of.  I can (will) always add more :)


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