Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome 10-20-11

I'm just gonna bust right on in with it.

~All the craziness that seems to be going on everywhere!  I think that since it was cloudy all last week to cover up the full moon, everybody realized this week that they missed it, so they are extra crazy.  Going shopping today started to get on my nerves because people were being rude and had no regard for someone in scrubs who might have to go into work soon.

~Spending most of the past two days with urine all over my hands from working on the urinalysis counter.  Not the job I had in mind when I went to college.

~Almost ending up in a whipped cream fight on my back porch with a bunch of middle school girls.  See this post for a few pics. 

~Having to save my brother's girlfriend by tickling one of the above middle schoolers. 

~This wasn't awkward for me, but for Hubs.  Sam and Megan (my brother and his girlfriend) almost seeing Hubs in only his tidy whities on Sunday afternoon before the kids got to our house.

~Having to wash my dress jeans after only a few hours wear because Ike Beast slurped me up the side of the leg.  Dog slobber isn't exactly a fashion statement I'd like to make.

~Hoping to goodness that Ike Beast didn't get too "excited" (if you know what I mean...) for our Christmas card picture.

I just realized that all but the first two awkwards happened on Sunday.

~Getting the Christmas card picture made with Ike looking at the camera and without him being too excited.  This was a Christmas miracle in and of itself.  I'll post the card when it gets closer to Christmas.  We just wanted to make sure we had enough time to print the pics.

~Scoring some great deals at Old Navy for Hubs.  I just hope he likes what I picked out.

~I bought some wine colored satin, white lace and tiny elastic at Hobby Lobby today.  Hubs and I are going on a romanic trip to the mountains next weekend.  Can you guess what's going to be made from the satin and lace?  ;)

~I found out what to do with the left over sweater from my pumpkins.  Look here -->A Very Sweet November

~I figured out how to alter my peasant dress without tearing it apart and starting over.  Sure, it would probably fit better if I started over, but I don't have time for that.  You really don't know how excited this really makes me.  I'm gonna try to do this before Sunday so I can have WIWW pics of it.

~Finding these little babies on sale for $15 at Old Navy today
I almost passed them by, but I couldn't help it.  I had been wanting some leopard print flats.  And my recent check of the website says that they are $20 from there and they don't have my size.  Score!  Now, for the first time in my life, I kind of want some brown leg warmers to wear with my jeggings and these shoes...

~The new Casting Crowns CD came out this week.  I pre-bought mine for practically $5 and picked it up today!

~Only 6.5 more days before I'm no longer an employee at the hospital!  Ok, so I really do like my job and most of the people I work with, I just hate the hours.  Plus, it doesn't matter how good the boss is elsewhere, they don't hold a candle to my Daddy being my boss.  I'm also soooo looking forward to being able to cook dinner for Hubs every night. 

I think that's all I'll leave you with today.  There really have been so many awesome things happend this week.  I think doing Awkward and Awesome is just God's way of telling me that the good really does rule over the bad and that He will always look out for me. 


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