Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally Another Freebie Friday!

Yeah, I've been slack with Freebie Fridays.  I have so many dreams and ideas that it's hard for me to figure out which to do first.  I have time management issues outside of my "real job." 

A few weeks ago in a To-Do post, I said that I cut out some shapes with my Cricut and SCAL software for our church youth group to make cards with.  I finally got around to pulling those SVG files together and I think that since there are three, I will post one a week for this week and the next two weeks. 

First up, is the ever popular Jesus Fish or Ichthus.  They are used to mark common objects to indicate that the person it belongs to is a Christian.  They are on cars, jewelry, stationery and many, many more things.  Now that you have an SVG file for one, you can put it on just about anything you would like.  It would probably come in handy for Vacation Bible School, GAs, RAs, AWANA or any number of different church crafts.  For the cards that the kids made, I used a length of about 2 inches and they came out nicely, although I will say that one too much smaller may have lines that are too thin to easily work with.  I have included both my SVG and JPEG files below. 

Jesus Fish SVG--This is a Google Docs File.  To download, click "File" in the upper left hand corner and then click "Download Original." 

Jesus Fish JPEG--Also a Google Docs File.  To download, click "Download" in the upper left hand corner. 

Let me know if you have any trouble with either and enjoy the Fish!

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  1. Downloaded the fish jpeg - could not get the .svg


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