Monday, September 26, 2011

An Apology

In an effort to make my blog a more positive place to visit, going to try to link up at some positive places.  I apologize for being a downer sometimes.  I've been really frustrated with some of the things going on in my life and although I realize it's not an appropriate response, negativity is my first response.  I guess I felt at liberty to rant like that because I thought blogs were supposed to be places that you could pen out your feelings, be they good or bad.  Reminding myself that there don't seem to be many people who care about my blog (I look at my stats, most non-informational posts only get about 3 pageviews) makes it not hurt so bad when I do get the low pageviews.

Here is where I need to apologize again.  I shouldn't be focusing on the people who don't read my blog more than the people who do.  I know I have some dear friends who read along, but don't comment, which is no worse than I've done in the past.  I'm sorry if' I've hurt anyone's feelings with things I've said here.  It's time that I quit fighting my demons and start embracing my angels.

So how about if I strike a deal with you?  When I need to rant and rave and get things off my chest, I'll find a picture of a caution sign to post at the top.  That way, if there's something negative in there that you just don't feel like reading today, you don't have to.  I'll give you fair warning and a guarantee that there will be no negativity in a post if it doesn't have the caution sign. 

Is that a fair deal?


  1. I never ever comment because I always, always read blogs on my phone while I'm rocking Carter to sleep. Commenting on my phone is a major ordeal and I never do it. But...I read this last night just after reading this blog:

    and knew I needed to pass it along. Also...don't worry about Google Stats...people who subscribe to your blog on Google Reader don't always show up in your stats (hello...I read every single blog you write because it's on my Google Reader) and some people just go to your blog and don't click the individual you see that you got pageviews...but that not many people just clicked on that individual article...does that make sense? never know what's going to happen. Those Memorization Mondays that I write? They NEVER get more than a handful of pageviews. But that's ok. Because I'm writing them for me. For Carter to know what his mom was like, spiritually, when she was 25. And randomly, people I know have been asking me more about them in real life. More than the 12 people that Google Stats say are reading them. So...I don't know, but I think the stats are screwy. I'm no blog expert. I don't do ads, comments, etc, etc...but I have seen my little blog readership grow by just continuing to write what means a lot to me. And to this day, you know which blog has the most pageviews? One I wrote on Veteran's Day....that's not even that great. I have no idea. :)
    All that to say, I read your blog...and it's okay to be real. Writing is always for yourself. Once you start writing for an audience, you stop writing honestly, I think. Keep up the good work Evan :)
    Happy Tuesday :)

  2. I really like your blog, rants and all! :-)


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