Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Warning You...

This might not be a fun post.  There probably won't be any pictures.  There won't be any tutorials.  This means no one will read it because most people only read blogs for pictures or tutorials.  I have a few exceptions. 

There will be a massive to-do list that I can't seem to get done.  And it's of no fault of my own.  I keep saying that I want my business to be successful, but I really don't know how I'd make it work if it was.  I hate sewing when I get off work (keep in mind, I get home at 11PM, not 6PM).  I feel like I should be spending that time with Hubs even though he's usually half dead.  I'm also tired and usually ill when I get off work, and when I'm tired, I make mistakes.  And that makes me more ill.  My last sewing project I tried after I got off work ended up being thrown across the room and a few various other things were kicked around the room.  And I was covered in velvet fuzz.  I still have a bad taste in my mouth from that. 

So...I don't sew after work.  I don't sew before work either because I can't ever finish anything. 

Anyway.  Here's my to-do list for this weekend and the next few weeks.
~5 wallets for various customers (3 black for my Mother-in-law, 1 purple and yellow for one of my middle schoolers, 1 blue brown and green for a friend at work)
~Make-up bags for the shop and potentially a wholesale order for a friend who owns a hair salon
~Curling Iron/Flat Iron covers for the hair salon
~Fold over flap bags
~Gift Card holders for Christmas
~Market Bags
~My Dress for the mountains
~Figure out wholesale costs for most everything in my shop

My plan is to design patterns and figure wholesale costs this evening at work.  Then tonight I'll draft out the patterns onto posterboard and cut fabric.  Then maybe I can plug and chug at the actual construction tomorrow. 

Sorry again for a boring post.  But I feel like I needed to get that off my chest.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something too.  I'll be the last to know.


  1. More power to you for even trying to do a creative business and a regular job! Are you able to cut back on how much you work? Even having one day a week where you can work on your sewing exclusively would probably be a big help! I know that's not always feasible! The other option might be to try to dedicate an hour before you go to work to sewing and other things, even if that means you can't get it finished before you have to go to work. Maybe if you worked assembly line fashion, doing a few projects at once, and leaving each at the same point in the process might be an easier way to deal with having to leave stuff unfinished? Just random thoughts... wanted to comment since you warned me and I read it anyway ;c)

  2. I read your blog pretty regularly, and every one of your posts starts with "nobody will read this anyways". It's too much negativity for those of us who DO read. If you're not writing for you, what's the point anyways? Who are you trying to impress?

  3. Aw, I think you need a *hug*. :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I hope you can get everything accomplished that you want to!

  5. "I keep saying that I want my business to be successful, but I really don't know how I'd make it work if it was."

    Boy, can I relate to that! I wonder the same thing about myself. Getting a business going is hectic enough, plus trying to balance it with "real life".

    I'll see your to-do list and raise you about five more things, lol!


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