Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Few Dreams Come True!

So this weekend while I was stuck at work unable to make anything from yarn or fabric, I grabbed my scrappy little composition book and started drawing.  I haven't really drawn anything in a long time, so it was refreshing to get back into it.  I started drawing a few of my dreams.  I drew the reversible skirt, the tote bag to match said skirt, and the lunch bag/tote bag that I have made before, but kept forgetting steps (therefore ripping seams) on.  I also wrote out what exactly to do.  This made life SO much easier when I sat down to sew.  I guess this will become the norm for me.  I also drew out the wallet I would like to make, but realize that it was going to take a lot of work, so saved writing the steps down for later. 

I didn't have time to make the tote bag to match the skirt, but I did make the skirt!  I did have a hiccup in the "pattern" where I ended up sewing the thing together in a tube that was half pink half white, but I figured out what I did and fixed it.

Pink on one side...
White with pink trim on the other!

Excuse the darkness of the pictures.  I was just trying to get Dave to snap a few quick ones.  I really love the feel of this skirt.  It's kind of heavy, so you don't feel like you're running around naked, but it's also kind of light so it still feels summery.  I should probably make several more.  I also like the fact that since I made it, there is no altering to be done to it!  Being only 5 feet tall, I'm used to having to tailor clothes, but this really was made especially for me!

I also made the lunch bag/tote bag for Dave's grandmother.  There are some major problems with this pattern that I'm not sure how to fix.  I ended up hand sewing some of the seams together because it just wouldn't fit under my sewing machine.  I think I'm going to keep the basic shape of the bag, I've just got to make some design adjustments.  I also learned that fusible fleece will not fuse to a fabric with stain resistant coatings.  I've just decided not to look at it too closely and hope that she won't see what's wrong either.  

  I even put a keychain stretchy thing on the inside

And now for the "Why My Husband is the Greatest in the World Moment!"
Last night as I was giving myself an afro from running my fingers through my hair in frustration over the bag, Dave was sitting beside me, trying to make me feel better.  He kept telling me basically that the reason why I was frustrated with myself, is because I dream so big.  He said he would never attempt something like I had done and that he was proud of me.  He told me that he didn't tell me enough that he was proud of me.  Then he sat back and laughed for a minute.  I gave him a bit of the "stink eye" and asked what he was laughing about.  He said, "I was just thinking about *Miss Thang.  All she ever talked about was wanting to be a designer.  And here you are doing it."

I still don't think he knows how much that really made my day.

So I've added "Designer" to the list of things that I am.

And I'm gonna keep dreaming!

*Name has been changed to protect my privacy.  Miss Thang was someone who thought she was the stuff.  She looked down on me a lot through middle and high school.  She's one of those who when she found out that I was marrying Dave and that we had built a reasonable nice sized house together that she pooped a brick and almost swallowed her tongue.  Now, not only am I living my dream, I'm living hers too...and she's not.  That's just a little bit spiteful of me, yes, but hey, I can't help the blessings that God gives me!


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