Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where Am I?

So it's been forever and a day since I've blogged.  And I myself am starting to wonder where I went.  After reading an article about blogging, I realized that my blog has no cohesive-ness.  Sure my title is "Musings of a Craft-aholic" but what is my theme.  But then again, what in my life is cohesive?

My friend Jenilyn from the Grits and Giggles blog (go check it out, now ) is a mommy to a beautiful little girl and has tons of great mommy stuff to blog about.  Another blog that I follow Arm Candy for You, has great mommy stories too.  I'm not a mommy.

Other blogs that I find interesting are from college students.  I am no longer a college student.

I am a Med Tech.  I work second shift.  I sleep way too late because of this.  I have an obsessive and expensive love affair with crafting materials that I may not ever use.  I'm a dreamer who imagines a plethora of things that are supposed to work, and do in my head and usually on paper.

I'm a dreamer.

Maybe that's where I go from here.  Though I may not know exactly where I am, I can always look to where I may be going. 

So my dreams for the next week:
--I have plans on making a reversible skirt out of the rather expensive cotton interlock fabric I bought today
--I also want to make a matching reversible tote bag for the skirt.
--I want to make a bag for my grandmother-in-law for Mother's Day.  It will undoubtably be late, but not too late, and since she things I'm all that and a bowl of grits, she'll love it.
--I want to make a wallet to match the bag.
--I want to make a concealed carry purse for my mother in law.  She has no idea about this.  It would  help though if I remembered the hidden zipper while I was at the fabric store.  Making another trip.
--I want to make a concealed carry purse for myself.
--I want to make a duffle bag for myself.  I have bought so much fabric thinking, "Oooh, that would be a pretty bag!" that I just need to stop and take inventory and sell a few things before I do any more.  I actually have a dream for the duffle bag, but I'm not writing it down for fear of someone stealing my idea before it comes to reality.  I know, I'm a skeptic. 
--I want to make wallets and makeup bags and little zip pouches and TONS of other things, I just don't have the time. 
--I want to one day host a giveaway on my blog from my Etsy shop.
--And on top of all this, I want to keep crocheting
--I want to have a successful Etsy shop.  I've always wanted to be successful at something like that.
--I utlimately want to quit my "real job" one day so I can be a stay at home mommy like my mom was and enjoy my kids while the grow up.  This entails becoming wildly successful at said Etsy shop.
--I want to be pretty (doesn't every woman)

That's all I've got, or want to think about, right now.  I guess my blog is changing directions.  I think I'm going to start updating on my dreams, and how they are going.  Maybe one day they'll turn into the dreams that you try to wake up from, but you can't because you're already awake.  Hopefully they won't turn into nightmares.  Hopefully along the way I can offer some hints and tips and freebies and maybe a giveaway and drag y'all into my dreams. 

For now, I'm going close my eyes and hope for the best.

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  1. Well I am excited to see if you take it in a new direction! Either way I hope you will be posting lots. : D


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