Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video Stitch Directory

Here are a few short videos that illustrate different stitches used in my patterns.  These videos are meant to be refreshers and may not be the best for completely new crocheters.  I apologize for the not so great quality, but that's what happens when your camera converts all the formats.  I put some cheesy music in the background just to let you know that no one is supposed to be talking through the steps.  I have such a thick Southern accent that you probably couldn't understand me anyway!

I'll continually update this post as I add more patterns to my arsenal.

Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Front Post Single Crochet

Back Post Single Crochet

2 Single Crochet Together

Double Crochet

Magic Ring


  1. Videos too blurry can't really see how to follow.

  2. her fingers are always in the way, hard to make out what she is doing.

  3. it would be more of benefit to viewers who are beginners, if you slowed down a little.

  4. This tutorial is great for someone like myself who has some experience but needs a refresher. I found it very helpful.

  5. Really kind of you to do all these demonstrations for us and to put them online. You've done a great job; really helpful thanks. And the picture quality's fine. Perhaps the next video you make will have your nice Southern accent. Look forward to hearing it! {I'm Scottish). Thanks again - I can now start crocheting thanks to you. Diane


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