Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from Running Away

So I came home.  I didn't really want to, but I did.  It was very refreshing just to get away from everything except my husband and just relax.  We saw 6 shows in 2 days at Dollywood, all of which were very good, though I must admit my favorites were Los Pampas Gauchos and DRUM!  I ate more than any one human being should, but it's ok, I was on vacation.  I got a cute new dress and a new pair of squishy flip flops at the outlets and Dave finally got a pair of tennis shoes that are wide enough for him.  He also got two new shirts since he forgot to pick his shirts up off the bed before we left!  Then, there's Jo Ann's...

I made my first visit to Jo Ann's fabrics.  I must admit, I was a little lost.  I'm just learning how to sew, so I wanted some cheap fabric that I can mess up.  I ended up with some bolt ends and a few fat quarters that were on sale.  That should do me for a little while.  I also picked up some PUL for one of my friends who wants to make cloth diapers for her adorable little one.  And I got two yards of this because it was on clearance
It had been $8 a yard and I got it for about $3.50 since it's "Valentine's"  fabric.  It looks fine for any time to me.  So I'm saving it for when I really know how to sew.  I think I may make a duffel bag out of it. 

Just the rest a relaxation, as cliche as it sounds, was the best part of my weekend.  I made myself forget any obligations to work, Etsy and any other crafting besides the purchase of some fabric.  I have a new drive to get my patterns finished.  Once I get that finished I can start new projects.  I have limited myself in this way.  There are way too many unfinished projects in my Zebra Bag. 


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