Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's official. I am running away.

After a rough week last week and all the goings on with work and Etsy and the like, I am running away to the mountains this weekend with my husband.  I am taking no work with me, not even a ball of cotton yarn.  The plan is to runaway early Friday morning and eat lunch at the Bush's Baked Beans factory. 

Then we will go to Dollywood to renew our season passes and enjoy the shows and rides and each other. 

Then we will run away to our "Little Cabin in the Woods"
(ok so it's not "ours" we've just rented it before and therefore we say it's ours.  Plus we also say that we are going to buy it when we get old and work at Dollywood.) and we will enjoy a movie and popcorn.  No real job, no Etsy, no blog, no computer, just me and my hubby.  It's going to be great! 

Friday morning can't get here fast enough... 


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