Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Buy Nothing Summer

As I have discovered among people in the craft world, we all have too much stuff.  By stuff I mean materials.  We all seem to hoard fabric, and buttons, and paper, and yarn and whatever else we have ever used for any project whatsoever. 

I started following during the Sew, Mama, Sew May Giveaway Day 2011.  She gave away a dump truck load of zippers that I rather wanted.  Alas, I didn't win them, but I did find a new blog to follow that has been very entertaining. 

Moira has decided that she is not going to buy any more crafting materials from now until September 1 and just deal with what she has.  I think this is a fantastic goal.  So fantastic that I think I will join.  Starting Tuesday.  I have a few things that I know I'm going to need before this weekend (i.e. seersucker, broadcloth, some buttons and maybe, just maybe a peek at the clearance table). 

Moira has her own rules and exceptions, and other people have kind of set some exceptions for themselves.  Since me saying that I won't buy anything all summer would turn me into a liar, here are exceptions:
1.  I can buy things that I run out of that I need, such as zippers, snaps, buttons, interfacing, etc.
2.  If I have a request for an item in my shop and I am out of that fabric, I can go buy more of that particular fabric.  Same goes for yarn.
3.  I should not buy anything off the clearance table just because I like it.  I need to use what I have first.  But of course that doesn't mean that I won't.  But I'll try my darndest.

I think I'm going to create a page here on my blog chronicling the undertaking.  I'll post pictures of things that I have made as a result of my stash busting, and maybe you can send me some of your pictures!  I love pictures!

So there is is.  All the credit for this goes to Moira, but I would like to know if you are participating.  Let's make it a party!

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  1. So awesome that you are joining me! I definitely think it's necessary to say that you need to be able to purchase things you need to run your business. That's why I couldn't say I wouldn't buy anything for my classes: I will be teaching hundreds of kids various art projects this summer; I'm bound to run out of something essential. I did consider saying that I could buy to replace anything I used up, but decided I'd challenge myself by not letting that in there. I figured if I did, I might end up not really pushing my creativity. I have enough craft supplies for a crafty army though so I really need this kick in the butt! Thanks so much for playing along! (P.S. When you run out of zippers, send me an email with your address & I'll happily send some your way!)


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