Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday To-Do List, June 8, 2011

I was informed that my last post was saddening.  So I'm updating with a happy post. 

The cookout for my father-in-law was wonderful!  We had way to much to eat, especially considering that my mother-in-law made two cakes, we had a whole 6 quart churn full of homemade chocolate "Frosty Style" ice cream and and a 2 quart churn full of homemade strawberry fro-yo (frozen yogurt, I learned this while looking for recipes).  And this is only for 14 people.  But we still have to have the Sunday School Class over.  So my updated to-do list looks like this:
~Vaccuum the chair moulding and baseboard moulding (I won't be doing this again for a while)

~Mop the floors Though I may mop the kitchen again since it makes things smell good

~Vaccuum the carpets~Straighten up the rest of the house (so this got done, and then life happened, so I'll have to do it again)

~Clean the kitchen (I don't really cook much anymore)

~Clean the bathrooms
~Dead-head the roses (this will be a chore) This got halfway done, I'm hoping hubs will help out with the other half.  I did do it in my black bikini, so I got a little tan :)

~Find some lovely fake flowers to put beside the front door since real ones can't take the afternoon sun

~Get the food I want for both, the one for my Father-in-law is pretty good, for the Sunday School, not so much (But I do have a list)

~I probably need to figure out some yard games for the cookout this weekend, or we could just watch the young'uns play.  That is just as fun for me since I don't have young'uns of my own yet.

I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished lately, but I have so little to show for it.  Hubs has been gone since Sunday night on business, so I've had the house to myself.  It's strange and I don't really like it.  But I have gotten some crafting done out of sheer boredom and trying not to miss him too bad.  I'll be glad tonight to have him back in the house with me.  I did, however, get my business cards designed.  I'm letting Vistaprint do them and I think I'm gonna come out cheaper than if I tried to print my own.  I'm so proud because I took all the pictures and completely designed it myself.  I've kind of rebranded everything Etsy-wise with this business card, so I've got some more computer designing to do.

Also, as an update on my snap pliers.  Initially, I thought they were a piece-o-crap.  And they still don't have the reach that I thought I needed for them.  But after completely destroying a finished wallet and about 5 different sets of snaps, I learned how to make them work.  I think the finished product turned out nice.

It has my library card in it for size reference.  And the snap doesn't look half bad.  At least Morgan won't lose her ID out of it.  I have this for sale in My Etsy Shop along with the Turquoise and Orange one like in my giveaway.  There will be more colors to come. 

I also finished crocheting a nylon flower for my mother-in-law.  She bought a "macrame" bag that she loved, but didn't really like the flower on it, so she asked me if I could make one in colors that she wore.  I've got a pin on the back of this one so it's easily removeable.  
This one's also for sale in My Etsy Shop with, as always, more colors to come.  I've just got to remember what size thread I used.  I will also have the crochet pattern for this one up in a few days.  I've just got to make pictures of it because it's done without breaking the thread in kind of rows and rounds.  I'll just have to show you.  With a color other than black too.

So...after all that, here's my to-do list, with updates in this pretty purple:
~Make the graduation gift wallets (Got one done!)

~Take pictures of wallets (and everything else I make for that matter) We're just going to mark this off since I'm doing a good job of taking pictures as I go now.

~Sew the ribbons on the luggage for my Mother-in-law (had to buy some liquid stitch for this.  I know it's cheating, but there is no way I can sew the ribbons on there without tearing the bags apart, and there's no way I can get the bags back together after tearing them apart)

~Sew beach gifts for my nieces (I'm thinking a reversible skirt for each like seen here -->Reversible Skirt and a bag they can take on the beach, something that sand and salt won't hurt) I bought the fabric for these today!  I got the same pattern in a light blue and a mint green with a white lining for the skirts.  For the bags I got a thick hot pink canvas with this for appliqued initials.  Yes, I'm trying appliqueing.  I'll let you know how that goes.

~Make the tutorial for the Reversible Skirt while I'm making one

~Make the concealed carry handbag I've been dreaming up for the past few months I have decided on the fabric and mostly the design for this.  I'm using the primary birdie fabric.  So there will be this cutesy little bag with a .38 revolver hidden inside.  I like the irony.

~Finish the duffel bag and matching makeup/tote/toiletries bags that I started months ago and intended to carry to the beach

~Redo my shop banner, avatar, and some other things to finish rebranding my shop.
That was another big post.  I've still got a lot to do, but I feel that I have so much accomplished.  I'll keep you updated on the dirty details.

Oh yeah, I'm going to attempt to make blueberry fro-yo tonight as a coming home gift for Hubs.  I'll take pictures and post the recipe tomorrow! 


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