Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost Friday...

So I have no idea what I'm posting for Freebie Friday.  None.  No clue.  It should probably be a crochet pattern, since that's where most of my traffic comes from.  But I've been wrestling with a pattern for Mary Jane style booties to match my Grayson Leigh hat for most of the week.  I've made 3 booties and none of them look the same.  Well, they look alike, but none of them are the same.  Now I'm working on #4 and it's just as different.  Hopefully this is the last one.  I'm writing my pattern, again, and hopefully this time it will go into the new composition book that I just bought to write all my patterns in.  And Saturday is reserved for putting those patterns into PDFs with pictures and then listing them.  I really need to do some big time digital admin type stuff this weekend.  Should be an eventful weekend. 

See y'all tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have something good here!


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