Monday, March 28, 2011

Maybe sometime in the near future...

I keep hitting brick walls.  Over and over it seems.  Despite the fact that it was cold and overcast, and thus my photography "studio" aka dining room, was dark, today, I spent half the day making lovely videos teaching different crochet stitches.  Only to find that my computer has coverted file types and it's taking an eternity to convert the videos and I still can't edit them.  My yet to get off the ground pattern business depends on these videos and pictures.  I'm just in a slump with work and (lack of) vacation, and hitting walls in my one outlet to everything.  I know I'm a grown-up and everything, but work just never seems to end, and I'm not just talking about housework.  Really makes me wonder sometimes if this creative thing should stay around, or if I should just give it up to the "real world." 

Sorry for the rant.  Maybe sometime in the near future I will get going on what I wanted this blog and my Etsy shop to be.   


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